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Maya Dolena
I received multi-million dollar education and experience while working in a Fortune 20 company. I am now sharing it with you.

WinningEdgeUniv.COM is dedicated to bringing education, experiences and tools
to give YOU the Winning Edge.

Winning Edge University


Our Goal is Your Business and Personal Success!

Business, Professional, Executive, Entrepreneural

Achieve your goals faster and improve performance.
Eliminate blindspots and overcome obstacles.
Learn new competitive skills
by partnering with someone who is completely focused on your success, your coach.

Corporate, Small to Mid-size,
and Start-up Business Consulting

Revive your business and increase results
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
Align your team to greater performance
Increase your competitive edge


Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.
--Tom Landry, NFL Coach

Excellent firms don't necessarily believe in excellence - but in constant improvement and constant change.
-- Tom Peters, Author and Consulting Guru

Business, Professional, Executive, Entrepreneural Coaching

Our team of coaches are broadly and deeply experienced in ontological coaching, integral coaching and holistic life coaching. Many have business experience and have held positions similar positions to yours, thereby having a knowledgeable perspective and credibility.

Our coaches coach
> leaders to greater leadership
> professionals to greater achievement
> aspiring leaders to step into their first leadership position
> teams to higher performance through collaboration

We utilize a variety of tools and profilers such as Myers-Briggs, Keirsey, 360 multi-rater and more.
We have 3, 6, 9 and 12 month programs that are customized for your specific goals.
Call us for a FREE 30 minute strategy session. 808 965-1899


Corporate, Small to Mid-size, and Start-up Business Consulting

Our consultants have vast multi-industry experience in all sizes of companies. They facilitate business processes
from strategy development to team alignment sessions or will analyze your business for better performance.

All consulting engagements are customized to your goals, your situation and your team.

We utilize a variety of tools such as business assessments, business model analysis, process analysis, team performance results and more, as methods to assess the state of your business.

Our consultants provide a multitude of consulting services. Here are some examples:
> analysis and assessments of organizational effectiveness and business results
> organizational design and implementation
> business model design
> strategy development and strategic planning
> customer feedback and customer satisfaction indices
> business process design and business process improvement
> balanced scorecard and measurement systems
> strategic change planning and implementation
> team building and collaboration

Call us for more information as to how we can help your specific business situation.

Join us to unleash your full potential! For more information, click here.

Maya Dolena, Director at 808 965-1899